The Hedgerow: Dufferin Community Redevelopment

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 2013
Methods & Tools: Rhino5, AutoCAD 2014, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Hand Illustration

The Hedgerow comprises of a system of branches which connect back to a structural central axis.

The redesign of the Dufferin site uses this system as the framework for a tightly interwoven network of program and open spaces which connect its inhabitants and visitors back to the central artery that is the new central park. The dense site acts as a mediator, rather than a barrier, to its surroundings, responding and respecting the encompassing conditions and characteristics. The insular nature of the hedge is incorporated in the design of each building type, in that each parcel or “branch” includes its own system of open spaces -- public, private, and/or both. The varieties and interconnectivity of open spaces generated by its buildings are meant to encourage and intensify the existing sense of community within and around the site.
Design Principles
Interconnectivity of The Hedgerow
Figure Ground Site Plan
Figure Ground Plan
Circulation Diagrams
Site Sections
Building Types
Rowhouse Types: Residential and Live/Work
Townhouse Unit Types
The Link
Physical Site Model
Path Through Semi-Public Spaces Between Townhouses
North-South Pedestrian Link To Park
Dufferin Street At Night