Winery For Rosewood Estates

Location: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
Date: 2009
Methods & Tools: Hand drafting and illustration; Physical modelling; Adobe Photoshop

The vineyard is an essential component to the landscape surrounding a winery. The newly designed winery for Rosewood Estates incorporates both the directionality and the screening effect of the vineyard. Tall plantings in the landscaping and the wood screen partitions that enclose the spaces within the building follow the north-south direction of the vineyard, thereby acting as visual filters towards the east and west in the same way that the rows and trellises of the vineyard screen the views. In contrast, the north and south ends of the building remain open and unobstructed to its views and natural daylight. Public spaces, such as retail and tasting rooms, face the vineyard, whereas the private production spaces are set against – and have a clear view to – the forest. The circulation within the winery allows for the permeation of people through the different programmatic spaces of the building so that in the end, the landscape and the building become the filter through which people may proceed to experience the process of wine tasting and wine making.
Concept: Screens
Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Bottom Floor Plan
Elevation and Section
Exterior Perspective
Exterior Perspective: Crush Pad
Interior Perspective: Tasting Room
Partial Model
Partial Model
Partial Model
Partial Model
Further Investigations
Detail Section
Detail Model
Detail Model