The Brink House: Dufferin Grove Community Commons

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 2014
Methods & Tools: Rhino5, 3Ds Max, AutoCAD 2014, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Physical Model-Making

A collaborative project with Elaine Chau.

Situated on the North-West corner of Dufferin Grove, the project hopes to revitalize and intensify the existing conditions of the site. As a whole, the Brink House is read as a linear displacement of spaces across the site. The Dufferin Grove neighbourhood is celebrated for its diversity. The Brink House embraces the unique dialogue and openness that is shared between the park’s micro-communities. A layered composition of Brink (moments of spectatorship) and Rink (communal areas of play) creates opportunities for collective experience. The built forms do not create a hard separation between street and park - their relative placement frames views into the landscape and beyond, allowing for visual transparency to exist across adjacent sites.

The building is expressed in simple forms. The material palette supports this idea of clarity, consisting of finished concrete, brushed metal, transparent glass, translucent panels and wood planks. They work to reveal a clear perception towards spaces of solid and void, interior and exterior. The simple silence of the architecture enhances the natural interplay of light, ventilation and movement systems within and around the building. The Brink House hopes to create an intensified field of activity where the spectacle of Dufferin Grove can be shared.
Site Plan
Parti Diagram
Floor Plan
Physical Model
Structural Systems
Seasonal Functionality
Dufferin Park Avenue Looking South
Pleasure Rink
Rink House
Leisure Rink Looking North