Dojo: Training & Rehab Centre

Location: Cambridge, Ontario
Date: 2012
Methods & Tools: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012; Adobe Photoshop

DOJO is a rehabilitation and training centre for the injured and disabled. Literally the “place of the Way”, DOJO is symbolic of the inward focus necessary to realize any individual’s personal aspirations. The translucent skin is representative of the individual’s determination; it insulates the interior from the outside, and focuses the attention inwards. Beyond the skin is the building’s program, the muscle where action towards the goal is made possible. These functional spaces are oriented inwards towards the center of the building. In the same way action is directed by mind, circulation is integrated to the most active spaces of the building - the event space, the gym, and the workshop - and ties them together, all the time revolving around and towards the center. Program and path, action and direction, every one focuses on the central courtyard, which is representative of the Way. Whether it be to rehabilitate, to learn, or to train, the DOJO provides a path towards the Way; it is a place that embodies the physical, mental, and spiritual focus that is essential in realizing one’s aspirations.
Floor Plan
Exploded Axonometric
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation
South Elevation
Section Perspective
Section Details
Exterior View
Central Courtyard
Gymnasium and Event Space
Showroom and Event Space