Demeter's Island: Toronto Island Airport

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 2010
Methods & Tools: Hand drafting and illustration; Adobe Photoshop

Demeter’s Island follows the narrative structure of the Journey, in which the hero is called from their common day world to a land of adventure, tests, and rewards. The former Toronto Island Airport is divided by a river and wetland, which swell with the change of seasons. The constantly fluctuating body of water, and the forest that encloses it, act as the threshold that divides the island into the realms of the “known” and the “unknown”. The Guide is a single path that ties the two parts of the island together. It invites and aids the adventurous in the experience of crossing the threshold.

The orchard, crop fields, and arboretum of the “known” half of the island produce fruit and vegetables for the farmer’s market located along the north end of the island, facing the city. The wild forest and wetland of the “unknown” half of the island also yields wild produce for the market, at the same time inviting visitors to forage for food and to learn about the possibilities of wild harvesting. The forest trail through the wild “unknown” portion of the island leads to the Widow’s Walk, an open event space, and the beach. In contrast with the farmer’s market, they face the empty horizon of Lake Ontario.
Concept: The Journey
Site Plan and Diagrams
Site Sections and Plan Detail of Path
Demeter's Narrative: The Crop Fields
Demeter's Narrative: Entering The Arboretum.
Demeter's Narrative: The Forest Trail
Demeter's Narrative: The Frozen Wetland and River
Demeter's Narrative: The Beach
Demeter's Narrative: The Widow's Walk
Demeter's Narrative: The Wetland (Springtime)
Market & Sculpture Garden
Widow's Walk & Event Space