Beaver Lodge: Craft & Wild Building

A collaborative project with Dina Tranze-Drabinia and Peter Kitchen.
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
Date: 2010

Beavers are shapers of the landscape, prolific builders, and a keystone species in the ecosystem. Working primarily at night, they gather trees they cut, driftwood, green willows, mud and stones, and carry the collected material back to their site of construction. When some of the sticks used in the structure begins to grow, the tangled roots contribute to its strength. The resulting dam and lodge are impenetrable against predators.

A prolonged exposure to the sound of water in motion stimulates beavers to build.

The installation, constructed outside the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, investigates and expresses the interaction of instincts and imagination through the interpretation and understanding of the Symbol (the Knot), as well as through the harnessing of the instinctual energy, intellegence, and character of the Animal (the Beaver).
Sketch Models
Process: Weaving
Detail: The Weave
Process: Building
Interior View
Exterior View